Carbon Heat Challenge


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Problem Statement:

Heat is a critical input to our brewing and distilling processes, with at least 80% of the total energy requirement associated with brewing and distilling being heat-related. There are both batch and continuous processes primarily utilising steam for the heat transfer medium. The processes require heat (steam) at a range 120oC-200oC and generates waste heat in the form of hot water/steam condensate at 30oC-90oC and at 150oC-160oC for flue gas. We have diverse global facilities both in industrialised zones and small rural locations.


To significantly reduce the carbon footprint associated with Diageo’s industrial heat requirements through generation and/or reuse processes, while ensuring continuity of heat supply – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week –  with no maintenance interruptions.

Potential Solutions Could Include but are not Limited to:

  • Waste heat recovery & reuse (including heat pumps)
  • Hydrogen heat production
  • Solar thermal heat generation
  • Thermal energy storage and distribution
  • Low-carbon natural gas heat generation
  • Control & Instrumentation of heat balancing/energy management software
  • Geographically-specific solutions
Society 2030: Spirit of Progress

Society 2030: Spirit of Progress

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