Sustainable Container Design Alternative Formats

Problem Statement:

Glass bottles are energy intensive to manufacture, move and recycle. Various issues with recycling globally mean that increasing recycled content can impair perceived and actual quality, or simply may not be possible due to low availability of recyclate (linked to low recycling rates). As well as recycling, the local nature of other aspects such as quality standards and varying regulation, make it challenging to drive glass bottle circularity globally. Despite these challenges, Diageo’s glass bottles already have a relatively high recycled content at an average of 40%, but this still means that 60% of a new container is made of virgin raw materials. Our bottles/containers need to demonstrate great design (so that they appeal aesthetically to our consumers) as well as meet the functional requirements of a container and being durable through the filling and transport logistics.


To improve the overall sustainability of our containers, we challenge you to develop new alternative formats with low carbon and water intensity, with minimal associated waste (within the production of the container itself and through strong ‘Design for Sustainability’ to remove reliance on additional on shelf packaging ), as well as strong reuse/recycling credentials.  We are searching for material alternatives (to current glass makeup) that are suitable for labelling/decoration,  fit for shipping (including e-commerce), filling, handling and incorporating smart tracking technology.

Potential Solutions Could Include but are not Limited to:

  • Glass bottles with renewable content alternatives (to finitely available glass inputs)for Glass Production (increased/alternative cullet options/other industry co-product alternatives etc).
  • Innovative metal container formats (e.g. Aluminium).
  • Organic alternatives.
  • Materials /Co-products from the distilling/brewing process.
  • Core container alternatives that encompass/include at least one other packaging elements – e.g. closure, labels, sleeves, carton etc.
  • Radical alternative polymers with robust circularity for end of life/use.

Further Information

This challenge has now closed for applications, and we will be sharing an update on the pilots here soon.

If you have any queries or questions about your application, please contact:

Society 2030: Spirit of Progress

Society 2030: Spirit of Progress

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